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The forging press can be produced by drawing

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The forging press can be produced by drawing

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Forging is a forging and stamping es, hammer, anvil block of forging machinery, punch, or by pressure on the mould for billet, produce plastic deformation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the stamping forming method.

Our company is specialized in the processing business of various kinds of forging and pressing, welcome to inquire, look forward to your cooperation!



In the forging process, the whole material of the blank has obvious plastic deformation, and there is a large amount of plastic flow.In the stamping process, the blank material is formed mainly by changing the spatial position of the area of each part.The forging pressure is mainly used to process metal parts, and can also be used to process certain non-metals such as engineering plastics, rubber, ceramic billets, brick and composite materials.

Forging and rolling for the metallurgical industry, such as drawing belong to plastic processing, processing or the pressure, but forging press is mainly used in the production of metal parts, and rolling, drawing, etc. Mainly for the production of sheet, strip, pipe, profile and general metal materials such as wire.Forging and stamping is a combination of forging and stamping, like industry and trade, also known as trade and industry.

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