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The working principle of hydraulic press machining

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The working principle of hydraulic press machining

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Hydraulic press is a very common type of hydraulic press, which belongs to medium - sized hydraulic press.The hydraulic press is mainly composed of main engine and control mechanism. The main part of hydraulic press includes hydraulic cylinder, beam, column and filling device.The power mechanism consists of fuel tank, high pressure pump, control system, motor, pressure valve, directional valve, etc.

Hydraulic press processing

The working principle of hydraulic press is introduced as follows:

The working principle of hydraulic press processing 1: hydraulic press hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are energy conversion device in the hydraulic system, the difference is the hydraulic pump drive motor can convert the mechanical energy of the oil pressure, is the power unit in the hydraulic system, hydraulic system and hydraulic motor is the execute device.

The oil pressure can be converted into mechanical energy.

The working principle of hydraulic press processing. 2: the principle of the hydraulic press processing is motor driven hydraulic pump drive oil cylinder hydraulic pressure to achieve what you need or on the roof, hydraulic pump is the power source of the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic oil is used to process the hydraulic oil through the hydraulic line into the cylinder/piston, and then the cylinder/piston has several sets of seals cooperating with each other to keep the hydraulic oil from leaking.

Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors used in hydraulic systems are volumetric, and its working principle is to use the change of seal volume to absorb oil and oil pressure.

The hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are opposite, which is the input pressure oil. The hydraulic pump becomes the hydraulic motor, which can output the rotation speed and torque, but there are differences in the structure.

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