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Some risk factors that need to be prevented in the process of forging and pressing

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Some risk factors that need to be prevented in the process of forging and pressing

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Forging pieces by forging forming of the workpiece, while forging can change internal organization metal materials, improve its mechanical properties, but because it is in the state of hot metal material, so there are high temperature, dust and harmful factors such as vibration and noise, a negligence may cause damage, so must always pay attention to safety.


There are various types of tools and auxiliary tools, usually at work place, often very messy.

And because tools change frequently at work, it increases the difficulty of checking tools.

At this time, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the operating procedures to ensure the safety of the operation.

Heating equipment, forging equipment and many auxiliary tools must be used during the processing of forging.

Heating equipment is mainly a flame furnace and electric furnace, because of the heating furnace and heat radiation of workpiece heat, using a variety of fuel combustion flame furnace production of slag, dust, so be ventilation purification measures, avoid accidents.

Processing forging parts used in forging equipment including steam hammer, air hammer, hammer forging hammer, mechanical, board hammer, spring hammer and belt hammer, friction press, hydraulic press, crank press, broaching machine, roll forging machine, etc.

All kinds of forging and pressing equipments exert impact load on the workpiece, so it is easy to damage the equipment and cause accident.

In view of the many unsafe factors in the forging equipment, operators must master certain equipment maintenance knowledge and comply with safety operating procedures.

It also requires the equipment to be equipped with a safety guard, which can help reduce accidents.

Forging parts processing, the operator must wear ppe before work, to concentrate on work, cooperate with each other, should pay attention to safe location choice, in general will be safe in the first place.

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