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The principle of forging and processing of air hammer in forging

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The principle of forging and processing of air hammer in forging

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Forging pneumatic hammer is a kind of free forging equipment, itself with two cylinder: compression tank (tank) will be compressed air, by distributing valve into working cylinder (cylinder), promote the hammer rod along with hammer hammer function of up and down.

The air hammer volume is small, the noise is low, the structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient.

Suitable for all kinds of free forging, such as extension, upsetting, punching, cutting, welding, torsion, bending, etc., using the pad mould, various open die forging (die forging) can be carried out.

Air hammer forging and processing

The working principle of air hammer forging is that the motor USES the reducer and the crankshaft, and the connecting rod drives the compressed piston to move up and down to produce compressed air.

When the compression of upper and lower airway and atmosphere are interlinked, compressed air don't work into the cylinder, the motor idling, hammer head does not work, by the handle or pedal lever manipulation and spin valve, make the compressed air into the work top or bottom of the cylinder, the pushing the piston moves up and down, to drive the hammer head and strop iron on rising or falling, finish all kinds of strike action.

There are four connecting modes between the spiral valve and the two cylinders, which can produce the lifting hammer, even the beating, the lower pressure, and the idling.

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