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Chuang yuan 1000 tons friction press processing safety production

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Chuang yuan 1000 tons friction press processing safety production

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Chuyuan has 1000 tons of friction pressure machine processing and other large equipment, is a versatile and strong pressure processing machine, widely used in various industries of pressure processing.

In the mechanical manufacturing industry, the application of the friction screw press is more widely, can be used to finish die forging, upsetting, bending, correction, sizing, etc, some without flash forging is accomplished with the press.

Mould protection measures include: setting protective plates (cover) around the mould;

Enlarge the safe space by improving the mould to reduce the dangerous area;

The machine is equipped with the feeding device, which can be used as a substitute for the manual entry and exit. The operator's hands are isolated from the danger zone and the operation protection is carried out.

Mould safety protection device should not increase labor intensity.

Practice has proved that using composite modulus, multi-station progressive dies instead of single process risk mode, or in the mold set up mechanical front-rear institutions, realize mechanization, automation, etc., and is able to improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, convenient operation, safety assurance purposes.

This is the development direction of stamping technology and the fundamental way to achieve stamping safety protection.

There are many forms of stamping equipment protection device, which can be divided into mechanical, button, photoelectric and induction type according to structure.

1000 tons friction press machining

There are three types of mechanical protective devices for the 1000 tons of friction pressure machine:

A mechanical protection device that pushes the hand away from the die through the swing of the baffle, which is connected with the slider.

The swing rod protector is also called the dialing protection device. It is the device that USES the principle of leverage to push the hand away.

Hand safety device is a device that USES pulleys, levers and ropes to link the operator's hand movements with the slider movement.

The mechanical protection device is simple in structure and convenient in manufacturing, but it has a great disturbance to the operation.

1000 tons friction press machining operation procedure editing

1. Wear and wear protective equipment.

2. Abide by general stamping safety operation rules.

3. Lubricate the machine tools according to lubrication requirements.

4. Please check the closing height of the die before the mold is allowed.

Adjust the stroke head up and down to keep it within the prescribed safety range.

5. The mould should be firmly fixed and after several parts are pressed, the mould should be tightened again to prevent accidents.

6. When working, the holding lever should be smooth and hard, not force to move pressure, avoid the hammer head and the bed body strongly impinge, to avoid the accident.

7. No adjustment of the machine tool or other work such as mold installation shall be allowed when the flywheel is rotated.

8. While working on the pressure machine, the two people should focus on the pressure and must say hello before heading down, so that the action should be consistent and the hand should not be extended into the dangerous area.

9. In the case of the piers, the steel plates shall be only 220mm by 200mm.

10. When the work is completed, the punch will fall smoothly and the car will be turned off.

11. Accidents should be maintained and reported to relevant departments.

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