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Stainless steel flange production and processing time to pay attention to a few points

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Stainless steel flange production and processing time to pay attention to a few points

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It is because of the use of stainless steel material to produce flanges commonly used, so the supply of this material flange is in short supply, which is also very good news for the manufacturer.

Although the number of production is very important, but the importance of quality seems better, this requires manufacturers in the production of stainless steel flange well below these considerations, in order to guarantee the use effect.

Forging flange processing, stainless steel flange processing

The first point is to choose the flange gasket

The flange is very big in the connection of the pipe, but also the shadow of the gasket.

The good helper of stainless steel flange is asbestos gasket.

Asbestos the material itself has very good properties, it can resist acid, either gas or liquid can be well absorbed by asbestos, so as not to affect the stainless steel.

Of course, some special occasions will also be used to make spacers made of other materials, which should be selected and stainless steel with complementary abilities.

Second, avoid material that is easy to corrode stainless steel

The most important thing for the stainless steel material is to keep its surface clean. Once it has been corroded, the surface of the stainless steel will change its appearance and be less polished.

Therefore, those things that have corrosive stainless steel ability should be far away from stainless steel flange processing production.

Whether it's an acidic or alkaline gas or a liquid, you're going to move away from the production environment.

The third point, flange production should consider the connection

In there are different ways of connecting pipe, the pipe is thin can turn directly using the thread flange screw connection, some stainless steel flange facing some there is a big pressure pipeline, you will need to use to the welding, so that more solid and reliable.

For forging flange processing, it is best to choose the welding connection, whether it is for pressure or small pipe.

Stainless steel processing and welding is convenient and easy to process.

The diameter of the flange disc and the thickness of the flanges are related to the pressure of the pipe to which the flange is facing.

Under normal circumstances, the greater the pressure, the thickness of the stainless steel flange is also thicker.

If the pressure of the pipe is relatively small, then a thin layer of stainless steel disc flanges can solve the connection problem of different pipes.

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