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Forging flange processing for some design requirements

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Forging flange processing for some design requirements

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Forging and flanging process of forging flange is free forging, die forging and membrane forging.

In the production, according to the size of the quality of the forging and how much, choose different forging methods.

Free forging tools and equipment are simple, easy to use and low cost.

Compared with casting billet, free forging makes up for defects such as shrinkage cavity and porosity, and also makes the blank have higher mechanical properties.

The forging is simple in shape and flexible in operation.

The forging flange

Therefore, it has special significance in the forging of non-standard flange.

The free forging equipment has air hammer, steam - air hammer and hydraulic press, which are suitable for the production of small and large non-standard flanges.

Die forging productivity is high, simple operation, easy to achieve mechanization and automation.

The size precision of die forging pieces is high, the machining allowance is small, the distribution of the fiber is more reasonable, which greatly increases the service life of non-standard flanges.

From the design point of view, the bolted flange connection to consider as a system, and the leak as a design criterion, should be reasonable, but for years the design of the study showed that due to the complexity of gasket performance anomalies, experience less than at this time, so now the flange design is based on considering from strength, namely to control the stress of flange is the design.

From the design Angle, the flanges can be divided into three types:

One is the loose flanged flanged flange which is not fixed directly on the shell or although it is fixed but cannot guarantee the structure of the bolt load as a whole.

The second is the integral flange, that is, the flanges are forged or cast into one body, or the welding flange is used as one body.

Three is any flanges, from the structure, the flange is connected to the shell, the rigidity is worse than the integral flange.

Regardless of the flange, its design strength calculation method can include two basic problems: one is that the parts of the flange connection structure must have sufficient strength.

The second is that the connection itself must be sealed.

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