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Improved method of shell machining during welding

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Improved method of shell machining during welding

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The shell is a rust-proof aluminum material, and the used shell processing process is mainly as follows: shear - straight groove groove - rolling round - welding - cutting hole - add support device - boring ring groove processing.

In processing, it is easy to cause deformation due to clamping pressure.

Shell processing

Welding is a process by which the two workpieces are fused together by heating and pressing. In this process, the filling material can be selected according to the actual demand.

In the component, there is a certain welding stress, which can also lead to problems such as welding deformation, and may even make the insulation of the casing deteriorate.

Shell processing began, when welding the local component in heating condition, the deformation degree of each part is different also, at the same time also will produce heat stress, the more heated, its temperature and internal stress will gradually rise, when the internal stress rose to its material limit, the component of some material will be plastic deformation problems.

After the welding, the temperature will decrease, and the shrinkage deformation caused by each part will be different, and the new internal stresses may be formed.

Before the processing of cylinder shell, using the corresponding supporting device for clamping pressure processing, and can't let the cylinder plastic deformation occurs, dismantling after changing support device, cylinder realize restore its elastic deformation, resulting in the machining cylinder flanging of the groove are also beginning to deformation, make us in welding pipe cylinder and the cylinder butt welding process, appear uneven weld, and the shrinkage is different also, on the whole welding shell, after finishing the barrel after welding, the flange thickness is not the same, even the same flange, the phenomenon of the thickness difference of up to 6 mm.

It is difficult to correct this deformation, and even if it is successful, it will have a great effect on the appearance of the tube.

To sum up, the original method is used to process the shell, and there are some areas to be improved during the period.

To this end, we should improve the processing technology to improve its processing and appearance quality.

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