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Installation of some of the main details of stainless steel flanges

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Installation of some of the main details of stainless steel flanges

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Stainless steel flanges are disc parts, most commonly used in pipeline engineering, and stainless steel flanges are used in pairs.

In pipeline engineering, the stainless steel flange is mainly used for piping connections.

In the pipe that needs to connect, various installation flange, low pressure pipe can use silk to connect the flange, 4kg above pressure to use welding flanges.

Add a seal between two flanges, then bolt to tighten.

Stainless steel flange

When installing stainless steel flanges, you may not notice any details, but the impact of these problems is very large.

When people in the building, usually used in a number of different materials, the use of stainless steel materials, in particular, for the people in the production of a variety of different products equipment has brought more convenient.

The stainless steel flanges are mainly used in pipe connections to bring more convenience for piping connections.

Installation is an important process before using stainless steel flanges, and there are many details that need our attention.

Stainless steel flange

1. When the stainless steel flange is tightened, its fastening force should be in the same direction, and the compression of the rubber cushion should be controlled by about a third.

2. stainless steel flange in the installation process should keep the sealing surface smooth and clean, if found to have oil or rusty spot when they need to be removed, to prevent the impact to the stainless steel flange sealing performance.

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