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Technology of shell processing technology for power station equipment

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Technology of shell processing technology for power station equipment

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The aluminum products are not uncommon in our daily life, whether in the use of electric appliances, or some daily food and beverage use, aluminum products bring a very comfortable and convenient life.

Shell processing

Different raw materials are added to ensure the product's hardness, density and high performance through the use of different fields.

Can make aluminium more high quality, natural also cannot leave processing technology to ascend.

Actually easy oxidation of aluminum is a kind of product, but due to the surface with a layer of aluminum oxide film, to some extent this is advantageous to the aluminum products processing, through the aluminum processing technology, ensure the use of product performance, aluminum paint by casting, extrusion and three production process, ensure the product performance advantages, at the same time through oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluorine carbon spraying, powder coating, wood grain transfer printing process, such as improve the performance of the product, to ensure the different production and processing of aluminum products.

Aluminum alloy shell processing has been widely used at present, whether industrial fields or areas of life, the use of these products are convenient for residents, aluminum alloy products including frozen aluminum box, aluminum guardrail, aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy ladder tray, die-casting aluminum step, and many other aluminum alloy products.

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