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Forging flange processing scheme

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Forging flange processing scheme

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Because the workpiece is a casting piece: forging flange processing is large: in stainless steel flanged processing, the deformation is larger: therefore, it is also suitable for the coarse-finishing method.

Forging flange processing

Because the upper plane A is used to remove the material, the surface of the material is obtained: rough milling is required;

Finish-milling two processing schemes to ensure the precision of the standard level of tolerance IT8: considering for efficient processing: as far as possible, by adopting the method reduce the processing time so choose in during rough machining large diameter of face milling cutter;

It is appropriate to choose a face milling cutter with a diameter larger than 80mm, and make a difference between rough milling and fine milling due to rough milling and fine milling. Therefore, two cutting tools are used for rough machining and finishing.

In rough machining, you should choose the larger quantity of feed: larger back feeding knife: and higher cutting speed.

To ensure the surface roughness and dimension precision, small quantity of feed is used to ensure the surface roughness and dimension accuracy. The smaller back and the larger cutting speed.

To ensure tool durability and surface roughness and reduce the processing temperature, the cutting fluid should be used for cooling.

Forgings can withstand higher shear force and tensile force than castings.

First of all, we need to understand how centrifugal flanges are produced, the process and products of the flanging flange are made by centrifugal casting, which is characterized by the processing of the flange in taizhou.

We also know that taizhou chuangyuan pipe co., LTD. Has a full set of forging press equipment, which can process all kinds of forging and pressing craft products

By analyzing the component drawings: we can see: the size of the hole) in the part drawing is strict precision and position accuracy of reading: when processing so we must adopt the reasonable processing methods: ensure the accuracy of the parts size and position precision of parts.

When drilling hole, feed quantity is small: after the bit of cutting part of the part of the part of the workpiece can be normal drilling.

When drilling holes or deep holes, it is necessary to always exit the drill bit clearly to prevent the cutting of cuttings to cause the drill

To be "killed" or broken.

When drilling steel material, it must be fully cast in the cutting liquid cooling bit: in case the bit is hot and annealed

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